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for Driving Schoolsmanage your times, students and instructors

With our Driving School Software you will be able to control all the activities in your company: schedule your lessons and instructors activities, manage your students, your lessons and payments, very easy to use.









Sofware as a Service (SaaS)an easy way to introduce to technology


"Your users want enterprise grade software at customer level prices. The SaaS model can make that happen"

It is a model of software distribution where applications are hosted by the ISV (Independent Software Vendor) and client access them via a network connection, usually via the Internet, so that frees business users of the application maintenance, operation and support.

It is increasingly common to hear the expression SaaS, the "cloud" (the cloud) or software as a service. All these words refer to the same concept: use the software not as an application installed on a computer but as a service (usually web) that can be accessed from any computer browser.

Companies, both large and small are increasingly using the pay as you go model where all kinds of software- billing, CRM, customer service etc. is hosted on the cloud and operated by third parties.


This technology offers a much more efficient use of resources such as storage, memory, processing and bandwidth, to provide only the necessary resources at all times. With a Cloud system all the necessary infrastructure to mount systems your company will be maintained by the provider of Cloud Computing, resuming, the main advantages are:


The most basic cloud services operate alone. For software services and more complex data base, cloud computing allows you to skip the stage of acquisition of hardware, installations and hard configurations on servers and software, with a cloud software you can start to work as soon as you suscribe.

Fast adaptable to growing businesses, as the cloud system is designed to manage high increases in workload. This speed of response reduces risks and operational costs, because only scale that grows and pay only for what you use.


The provider offers services to multiple companies, which benefit from sharing a modern and sophisticated infrastructure, paying only for what they actually use, eliminating unnecessary infrastructure costs.